Animated Animals – Just for Fun

I’ve been experimenting with whiteboard animation programs. And of course I couldn’t resist doing a little short about animals. I hope you like it.

Capture Attention With Google Maps – And Tigers!

Google maps can be much more than just a nifty way to find the nearest Starbucks. They can be used as interactive advertisements and educational tools for any website or even to augment signage. You don’t even need a cute tiger cub! Images of all types are proven to increase time spent on site. Interactive […]

I Want to Buy the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

I love the landscaping and plants at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Parks and have often wanted to take them home with me. I don’t think I’m alone. Why not make it easier for visitors to buy bits of the zoo and increase revenue to San Diego Zoo Global as a nice side benefit? […]

Contagious! 6 Ways to Make Your Ideas and Products Viral

“Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger is a lot more than a guide to online search engine rankings. Its a primer for creating positive, viral, word of mouth buzz about our ideas, products and ourselves. Here’s a short summary of why we should craft all our messages primarily for face-to-face communication and 6 […]

Talkin’ Trash About Safari Park

Am I crazy to love a place because of how they handle their trash? I know that everyone says Disneyland is clean, but the Safari Park takes it to a whole ‘nother level. And it may be because of its primary message of conservation and preservation of wildlife. This whole post got started because I […]

Money’s On My Monkey Mind

“Mind of the Market” by Michael Shermer is an entertaining exploration of how our evolutionary past has wired us to think about money. He attempts to explain our jump from hunter-gatherers to consumer-traders and the growth of the capitalist marketplace from the simple trading of favors between proto-human primates. Using discoveries from the new field […]

Is There Room for Creative Generalists in an Attention Economy?

How to Prosper in An Environment That Appears to Reward Hyper-Specialization The world has morphed into an attention economy where the old 80/20 rule doesn’t apply. Those who have captured the ‘long tail’ attention of Google are usually those that get all of the rewards. That usually involves narrowing down your area of expertise so […]

Not Hello World – Hollow World

Basically because there’s nothing much in this post. So it is so hollow it echos. Next post will be more solid. I promise.