Capture Attention With Google Maps – And Tigers!

white bengal tiger cub on world habitat map

Tiger cub photo from – map image is Google Maps

Google maps can be much more than just a nifty way to find the nearest Starbucks. They can be used as interactive advertisements and educational tools for any website or even to augment signage. You don’t even need a cute tiger cub!

Images of all types are proven to increase time spent on site. Interactive images that contain useful content increase that effect exponentially.

I’ve often used Google mapping technology to plot the most efficient route for clients using the ‘directions’ feature. And when I’ve found the most efficient way to each property I send a link to home buyers either through email or text and directly to their dashboard if they have the right car.

But it’s not just the map locations that are important, I can also make notes about the houses and neighborhood.

Communicate Your Message With A Smart Map

It’s as a communication tool that Google Maps really shines. Take a look at the map below.

I’m not a programmer, and yet I’ve managed to create an interactive highlighted map outlining the general areas where tigers can be found in the wild. Clicking on the colored map areas leads to a text explanation with links to resources that readers would find useful and interesting. The photos were also easy to insert. Just copy a link and insert into the text.

Click on the outlined areas below for information on tigers and where they live.

View Tiger Habitats in a larger map.

Of course it does help to have a fairly steady hand with either a mouse or a graphic tablet. But with practice almost anyone can produce sophisticated maps.

These maps can be used to create interactive signs that can easily be updated without spending more money at the printers. Just include a small QR code in the sign or or use image recognition technology apps.

So whether you want to educate people about tiger conservation or just need a map to Tammy’s Toddler Tending Service consider including a Google Map in your website. Its easy, informative and visitors find it to be compelling, useful content.

Created by: Nancy Ulrich.

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